Winner winner chicken dinner: Meet the Mid-Summer Marina Recap Champs

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Starting mid-summer and leading up to Labor Day Weekend, we’re picking at least one new marina review each day to highlight on the blog and reward the boater for their efforts.

Check out the original post with more info and FAQs.

Note: These reviews weren’t chosen because they rated the marina as 5 stars or wrote a Pulitzer-worthy synopsis, but to be in the running, you do need to provide context behind the rating you give. Get tips on writing reviews on the Dockwa blog.

This blog post was originally published on July 31, 2020, and was last updated on September 9, 2020.

Without further ado, here are the winners!


We’re wrapping up the giveaway with three fantastic write-ups! Thanks to momwithamap for sharing about her stay at Son Rise Marina in Sandusky, Ohio:

We’ve been traveling aboard our boat for the last 4 months. As you might imagine, we’ve stayed at a lot of great marinas. Our standards are pretty high. However, Son Rise blew the competition out of the water! From the moment we arrived we could tell Son Rise was a special place. Despite its size, they make every customer feel known, and important. The attention to detail is unparalleled! The docks are clean and very well kept, along with every other inch of the marina from the parking lot to the swimming pool. Son Rise offers many extra amenities such as: a community room with coffee available 42/7, beautiful, clean bathrooms and shower facilities, huge indoor heated storage, a huge pool and a nice laundry room. The entire marina is gated making it very secure. Our family was extremely impressed with the friendly and kind attitudes of everyone at Son Rise. It obviously starts with the Manager, Tim, and trickles down through the staff and even the other customers. My daughter even mentioned that Son Rise was exactly like Disney World. It magically looks perfect- though you never actually see the effort that goes into maintaining it so well. Son Rise has set the bar for how all marinas should be! We will absolutely be back.

and to sababound for writing up Zahnhisers in Solomons, MD:

What a fantastic stay! It was my first time to Solomons and SHZ. From the minute I made reservations on Dockwa and a couple of phone calls to the marina, the line of communications was excellent! The staff at Zahnisers was great in getting our 3 boats together for the weekend. From the minute I entered the channel and started my communications, the dock master was extremely helpful and polite. She guided me in like a pro. She and here crew got all of us in our slips and made us feel right at home. A beautiful, picturesque setting on the water. I mean, WOW! The facility is clean and inviting. A very nice pool to get refreshed. Very clean bath houses, from semiprivate to private. Even though there were some restrictions with COVID_19, I don’t think we could have found a better marina. A Big Thank You to the staff at Safe Harbor Zahnisers for helping us make it a fabulous weekend!! - SV Saba Bound

and finally to hosetender for the notes on Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina in New Baltimore, NY:

This is our third time to stay at Shady Harbor. We were traveling with two other boats on a busy holiday weekend. The marina contacted us and made sure that we were docked next to our traveling party. With the current COVID situation they still made an attempt to not have boats piled up on top of each other. The bathhouse was regularly cleaned and the grounds are very well maintained. We had a thoroughly relaxing weekend. We will be returning again, Shady Harbor never seems to disappoint.


Thanks to boater markrives for this nice write-up of the Cambridge Yacht Club in Maryland!

We enjoy this quiet little marina. It’s a great fall and spring destination when you can walk the town in cool temps. There’s no pool so it’s more of a “sweater weather” destination. We ordered food from the CYC which was tasty and reasonably priced. They delivered our order to our boat so fast that we thought they were bringing someone else’s order!


Thanks to stmoment for sharing a detailed review of Safe Harbor Narrows Point in Grasonville, Maryland:

We stayed with a group over Labor Day Weekend. We have stayed here when it was Mears many times over the years. It was a good stay with the staff being friendly and professional. It is a great place to visit with so many things to do –restaurants, bars, music, bike path as well as the marina has a big pool. I highly recommend it. With that said, there were some recommendations. The docks are really getting old and very splittery. Not needing new docks or rickety but not up to snuff. Since it was Labor Day Weekend during covid times I will give them a pass on the following but expect it to be different next year: no dock hand available (which we can handle); one (overworked) woman in the office when I checked in that was answering the phones (ringing a lot), answering the radio calls from boats coming in (constant) and checking in people. After I saw that, I understand why she didn’t answer our radio call for awhile. Even with all that she was helpful and pleasant. And the first day in the pool was full due to COVID regulations so we were unable to go to the pool but I appreciate their efforts in adhering to what is necessary on that. All in all, a great transient location for boaters.

and to joesailor for the specific, actionable feedback to Wickford Marina in Wickford, Rhode Island, and ending it on a high note:

Nice facility with excellent wind and wave protection. Web site, hand-out welcome sheets could both use some updating: they show a Jacuzzi that’s been closed for some time; a missing diagram showing location of numbered slips would be helpful; Cornelius Island mis-spelled. Promised weekend-morning donuts didn’t show up, WiFi weak, dock hand not terribly helpful in docking/stopping 34-ft boat. Rest rooms, showers nice and clean. I’d come back.


Thanks to boater wires for painting a great picture of what it’s like to stay at Dutch Harbor]( in Jamestown, RI:

We had a pretty wet, foggy, windy passage from Noank, CT, but it was great to get into the bay and to Dutch Harbor. A harbor of childhood memories. With a forecast not at all what was happening we decided to stay another day and wait for some improvement. It was worth it! The helpful office staff connected with Dockwa and we were all set for this last minute additional day. Clean hawser, superior launch service, nice facilities and a fun harbor to go about in the dinghy. Glad the wind from the northwest was light because Dutch Harbor could be bouncy in a hard NW blow. Other directions should be fine. Friendly folks on our 15 minute walk to the grocery store and grinder place. A package store was just across the street. We put the dinghy on the mooring and took a nice cruise to see Wickford from the water, and then further north to look about Allen Harbor. Wonderful stay! The trip back had the wind at our stern and proved an easy passage.


Shout-out to the detailed info provided in cliff0979’s eye-opening experience at St. Clair Boating and Marina – a snippet just won’t do it justice, go and read for yourself!


Great, straightforward detail from boater rmarra about their 4-star stay at Townsend Manor Inn and Marina in Greenport, NY:

Great location. Private setting. 8 minute walk to town. Marina has pool. Laundry room needs to be upgraded to modern washing and drying machines. Rest rooms are average. Showers are average but clean. Rest rooms and showers need updating. Hand dryers in men’s room do not blow air forcefully. Need a propane grill on the grounds. Fortunately we have our own but charcoal grills are not useful as the only means to grill.

Over in Westbrook, CT, some good intel as to what to expect upon arrival at Safe Harbor Pilot’s Point from boater keith_hawkins. Would have loved to hear more about the rest of the trip! Keep in mind, you can always edit as the trip goes on, or after each stay if the marina improves or adds amenities, or starts to miss the mark.


Location is great! Shore power was out of phase and played havoc with the security system, deck air conditioning and the entertainment systems on the entire yacht for the duration ! For these reasons I would not recommend or return

Specificity is key! This lets boaters know the reason behind your rating, and it lets HarborWalk Marina staff know to respond as they’re looking into it, and, ideally, fix the issue. Thanks, spacedog328!


Love that boater jackonanthem explains why he chose West Wind Marina in Newport, RI, and gave examples of pros and cons.

Wanted easier access to land than from dinghy for a week after getting total hip replacement. This was just what we needed with the one caveat that, like every marina in Newport, it is outrageously expensive. No shower or toilet due covid. Dockmaster was great.


Things can get hectic on the docks, but this experience from boatgirl22 at Downtown Docks really paints a picture of how a situation can go from bad to worse.

I hardly ever attach my name to a review. However, this must be done. I had a paid reservation for City Winery last night and was looking to maneuver into an available space. Apparently, no one keeps records, because it was packed! When I started to try and squeeze into the last available slot, 2 white guys were standing there telling me I couldn’t, because they paid and their friend was coming. Of course they were NOT employees of DT docks. When I informed these people I paid and was pulling in as was my right, he yelled, “What are you, stupid?” Still NO DT docks employee. I was almost into the slip when a person FINALLY appeared. Although he apologized profusely and helped me tie off in an opening slot away from those people, to my knowledge, he made no attempt to tell the other boat they had no right to tell me anything. Disorganized. It is a sad day for boaters of color because without mediation in these situations, OTHERS will always try to throw their weight around. My boat is just as big, but I should not be forced to use it to gain parity. Chicago, hire another docking contractor!!


Kudos to the team at Yachting Solutions Boat Basin in Rockland, Maine, for their string of rave reviews – keep it up! Here’s one of the latest from jkelcourse:

We usually do not write reviews but this marina was exceptional and we felt the need to share our experience! The staff were helpful before we even landed on the docks - they were there to grab lines and welcome us. The marina is very protected and convenient to downtown Rockland. The facilities were top notch with the best bathrooms we’ve seen in all our Maine cruising experience - they provide towels, soaps, razors, everything you need! The laundry is FREE and greatly appreciated. The pier has a grill for visiting boats to use and even a courtesy car (although we did not need it). All of this at a competitive rate per foot. Thank you Yachting Solutions for all of your services and courtesy - great customer service by everyone we met. Cheers!

And YES, reviewing your home marina is fair game! Kudos to Gurney’s in Newport, RI:

As a seasonal slip holders we have a chance to enjoy all summer of the incredible service, care and attention to details by the best dock master Sean and his crew. We feel like a part of Gurney’s family and can’t imagine anything better. The Marina has absolutely great location, you can use the resort amenities and experience unbelievable sunsets, sunrises and anything between. You will be spoiled by constant offer of ice, water, help with docking and boat cleaning. We are very thankful and would highly recommend to anyone from the boating family. You can meet very interesting people, while sitting at the launch chairs located on the marina dock. Thank you for the magic summer - even more appreciated during this unprecedented season.


I for one was NOT prepared for this emotional rollercoaster from PT Cummings about his multiple stays in Edgartown Harbor.

Stayed at the dock this time so I got to use the restrooms and showers which were functional - that is the best I can say. Also even in middle October they have a 50 foot minimum - not exactly boater friendly. But as always the staff were very cordial in implementing the town policies. Update: Stayed on a mooring a couple times in Jul-19. As usual the staff were extremely accommodating and professional. This is a sure sign of excellent leadership there too. Still not a boater friendly town though. There is an entire bay (Katama) that would be (and was previously) awesome for day anchoring that is now off limits for no good reason. Hats off to the Harbormaster leadership and staff though. Another update Aug-20: Stayed on a mooring for multiple day trips this summer. Water is great for swimming. Edgartown harbormaster staff are the most professional around - they are efficient and courteous to the many boaters that come in looking for a day mooring. Despite a lot of crowding, I never heard of anyone getting turned away and they handle the dockwa reservations in real time amazingly well. Hat’s off to the staff.


Whoa – high praise from boater nelli for Dutch Harbor Boat Yard in Jamestown, RI:

Fabulous Mooring stay. Everyone is so welcoming. A quick thunderstorm blew through at night and the next morning Joe came by in the launch asking if everything was ok. Best Jamestown Mooring experience e in 40 yrs of boating


Congrats to Heritage Plantation Marina on Pawley’s Island, SC, on their new 5-star review from boater hangonsloopy (great name).

Very friendly and helpful staff. We got stuck nearby when headed to Heritage. Dock master Jay came to take us off our boat including our dog, then brought me back to my boat at high tide. Helped me get off the shoal and made sure I was completely clear. We met at the marina where he helped me tie up.


Okay folks: this marina profile is a GREAT example of why you can’t judge based on star-rating alone. The 1-star review left for Atlantic Marinas at Ferry Point dates back eight years; they are now under new management and have made improvements, as the marina manager notes in her response to the review.

Go with the 4-star review instead:

Stayed in July 2020 meeting up with family who calls it their homeport. It’s a fairly small marina with great service. The slip holders nearby were very friendly. The single bathrooms/showers were adequate. There is a busy restaurant onsite that we hope to try the next time we stay.

Thanks for the update, boater andwhyknot! Anyone else who’s tied up there in recent months, leave your review as well to bring that overall rating up.

In a harbor far, far away, thanks to boater hansesp for his review of Irish Boat Shop - Charlevoix:

We stayed at the Ferry Dock location. A new building is under construction so bathrooms/showers were in a temporary trailer, which were pretty nice for what it was. We stayed on the end of B dock so the walk was not too far. The only complaint I would have is that very few of the lights on the docks were working, none of them on B dock. Fortunately there was some light from other sources to see where we were walking but it was still very dark. The seasonal slip holders I encountered were friendly and helpful. I had little contact with the marina staff during our stay do I don’t have much to say about that.


YIKES. We’ll leave the marina name out of it (you’ll see the review if you happen to go to their profile, but we don’t need to public shame) but kudos to these boaters who shared their negative experiences with you so that you don’t follow suit:

Review 1 of 2:

Marina did not answer VHF radio call for docking assistance on published monitoring Channel 16. Called Marina on phone after docking without assistance and they said they heard my radio calls but were having radio issues and did not respond. Marina assigned us incorrect slip with wrong power connection type. Marina staff was rude and unprofessional while rectifying slip assignment issue. Marina slips are full of geese and seagull droppings. Electrical power and water faucets are full of spiders. Docks and dock-boxes spider infested also. Definitely the worst managed marina on Lake Michigan. Even the Manager-Harbormaster was unpleasant and unprofessional.

Review 2 of 2:

very disappointed in the marina and their staff. Staff was very short and combative. Had to move to three different slips. After putting in the instructions that we needed 30 amp service they put us in a 50 amp slip. Had to move to the other side of the marina and they told us the wrong dock so we had to move again. The dock and slip was full of goose poo and green algae. Asked about the pool they told us it was not included in the slip fee and was an additional 5 dollars per person. When questioned about putting us in the wrong slip twice the staff got very combative. If I treated my customers like we were treated here I would not have any customers. Very very disappointed in this marina and the staff. And the mosquitos were terrible.


We enjoyed our recent stay at Island Boatyard. With all that is going on in the world today, I was happy to see that everyone was being cautious. The bathrooms were clean and I felt perfectly safe using them. The only suggestion that my husband has is that it would be nice to have hooks and a shelf to use to hang your clothes towels and belongings on while using the bathroom.

GREAT review, toniandrury!


This review of Clayton Harbor Municipal Marina from boater dianerhodes provides great detail, and feedback the marina can take into account to make future stays 5-stars:

The docks are brand new, large, and easy to access. This was definitely a plus especially with a sailboat and a 6ft. draft. However, the price for staying there is almost double of any other marina I have stayed at with no amenities to show for it, not even electricity, which costs extra! The bathrooms are open to the public which means a constant flow of joggers and walkers stopping in there and there are only 2 stalls. For laundry, there is only 1 washer and 1 dryer located in the women’s room and again over priced. There are no barbecues or anything extra for the money. Although the location is fantastic, close to the “downtown” action the price is very steep. I think dropping the price back a bit and including electricity in the price would be a big improvement!


We always enjoy Everett. We met sister for boat ride and dinner. The reservation signs didn’t state reservations for dockwa. You only find out after you dock. The winds in the straits were kicking up for following 2 days so we left after dinner and didn’t stay overnight.

Thank you to boater rehurst for the specific info post-stay at Port of Everett – leaving this review also lets the marina know to make it clear to boaters how to reserve (and to the folks at Dockwa, who will contact Everett about where to ship a banner ASAP.:)


This 5-star review of Erwin Marine in Chattanooga delineates what the marina has control over, and what they don’t – and doesn’t deduct points for the latter.

We love the Bluff dock in Chattanooga. Great location for sightseeing and close to wonderful restaurants. The negative is the bridge traffic noise (but you get used to it) and there are some homeless people on the eastern walkway. We’ve had no trouble with either. The staff is very nice as well


Great review of Morehead City Transient Docks from boater wdh2556 – and we love also that Lee is so quick on the draw to respond!

The great thing about MHC docks is the personal attention you get from the Dock Master, Lee. The slips are excellent with wide finger piers and floating docks. Fantastic water pressure. Excellent eating establishments are right along the waterfront just a short walk from your boat. I always feel safe here.


Thanks to kenlynn66 for their review of F. Grant Moore Municipal Marina in Boyne City, MI:

We stayed for two nights last week. The staff was very professional, helpful and friendly. The place was very clean. Docks are easy to get in and out. Boyne City Garden club should get a standing ovation as they make the entire city look beautiful. This place is easy walking distance to the shops and restaurants. Local slip holders were very nice to transient guests. The grills could use some maintenance.


Harbour Town Marina in Muskegon has many rave reviews, but a few have already indicated docking confusion before their set-up really took a toll on boater blackmagic1:

Terrible! We reserved a slip with 50 amp power. We pulled in and no one gave us any direction. No one to help you on the dock and only 30 amp power. They then proceeded to move us to another slip and it still only had 30 amp power. Made for very hot sleeping arrangements and little power. We spent 4 hours messing around with this and it ruined our night.


Ah, wifi. Wifi for some boaters really makes or breaks a night under the stars:

Very disappointed in the lack of Wifi. The website says it has WiFi , WHICH it doesn’t. ! Can’t get WiFi ever. Also the fees for electricity have gone up 40.00 for same service. Lastly I wish they had a few grills to use like Nantucket does. The one grill is filthy. (3 stars)

Another 3-star review:

Friendly club, mooring convenient and secure, launch service fine. Club’s pool (if you care) is shared with a neighboring apartment building. Facilities could use a face-lift, but the showers were a heck of a lot better than the one on board!

Three stars aren’t bad! There’s room for improvement – which again goes to show why adding detail is so key.


Loving this trend where a reviewer gives boaters the heads up that the amenities have been affected by COVID, without letting that impact their stay or rating. :) Thanks, boater stonewallny, for this review of Hudson Maritime Museum:

Nice people and the museum is always worth the visit. Only issue with COVID the Boaters Welcome Center is closed so the showers and bathrooms are unavailable. Not a big deal and the dockage fee goes to a good cause.


🚫 To quickly highlight one reviewing No-no:

Great Location! Plenty of Restaurants on Dock. Great Staff! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This review looks harmless on the surface, but is submitted by a user who is clearly an employee of the marina. Getting boaters to review your marina is easy if you do a great job, ask them, and remind them that it’s super easy and helps you and other boaters. Reviews submitted by marina management or staff will be removed.


Interpreting star-ratings can be tricky – one boaters could have a terrible experience and still rate four stars, whereas another person will give one star because the sun got in their eyes for a minute while tying up. That’s why actually reading reviews is so key! Below we have a 3-star review that gives high praise to the staff, while relaying to fellow boaters (and management) that there’s room for improvement.

Dock master and crew were very helpful in getting us tied up at the slip. We were especially pleased about this as we arrived late in the afternoon with a strong storm impending. Restroom and showers were second rate with a broken shower fixture in ladies room and poor ventilation. Definitely several notches below what is provided I the Michigan municipal marinas at much lower cost.


Kudos to ourovernightstay for their review of Algonac Harbor Club.

We love this review for a few reasons: first, yes, you can have a negative experience with one or two employees at a marina and still enjoy your stay and not let two people color your impression of the entire team. Second, it IS still important to relay this information to the marina, as it does make a an impression! All boats great and small and all captains and crew should feel welcome – if they aren’t, your marina doesn’t need to be in the business of taking transient reservations.

We had a great time and plan to stay again next year! Bathrooms/showers were clean throughout the day. Entertainment and bar/restaurant was awesome. Our only complaint is the rudeness of the security men. We both called the harbor master on or way (one of us was coming by boat the other by vehicle) and were told which dock to pull into. I verified that I would check in once we docked. I was on the dock as my husband was backing in and the 2 security men came up and very rudely said “What are you doing?” I replied “Docking our boat.” He said rudely, “Do you have a reservation?” I said yes and he right away called as if I were lying. Then without apology he shrugged his shoulders and said “She didn’t tell us.” and drove away. When I went to check in and pay our balance, the same two men were in the office. They were still not friendly - I paid our balance and he just slapped the receipt on the counter and told me to take the sheet with yellow highlighting on it. (There was no “Have a nice day - enjoy your stay - let us know if you need anything - nothing.) The following day another guy stopped and told us we had to park in the restaurant section - we were confused. He said “Where is your yellow sticker?” I replied that we weren’t given one but had a reservation. We then figured out that it was the receipt that I was given - it was yellow paper. We were supposed to display it so that they could see we had a reservation - no one told us that! We found it interesting that we and our little 22 ft. boat were not treated by the workers at all the same way that the people who came in on 50 ft. yachts. We feel that manners and treating everyone the same is very important, especially when you are working for and with the public, and especially during these trying times.


We did not get our confirmation in time. We tried to connect with the Harbormaster, but the phone was disconnected. We are demanding a refund.

As much as it may pain the team on-site, a boater’s experience starts from the moment they start planning their trip – even if they never get confirmed.


I would think twice before bringing my large yacht back there. Customer service is under par. Dock staff are wonderful, but do not ask the office for anything, otherwise you will undergo the wrath of grouchy McGrouchy lady.

To their credit, the marina has quickly and publicly responded (free for marinas on once you claim your free profile) to the boater, and is looking into the situation.


Kudos to Manteo Waterfront Marina on this 5-star review from boater jj1000k – a great snapshot of the marina facilities, pricing, and what to explore nearby.

The marina is clean & well kept. It’s just a few steps down the dock to town filled with restaurants, cafes, clothier’s, kayak/boat rentals, ice cream & novelty shops and more. Grocery & hardware stores are close by too. Make sure to visit the Roanoke Island Festival Park, easy walk over the bridge from the marina and more cool things to do there. If you like to walk or run they’ve a scenic path around the park perimeter to enjoy. There’s a museum & replica of an old sailing ship that’s a treat to see & visit. The marina prices are reasonable and overall a great stop not to be missed on the ICW.


Tons of fantastic praise coming in for Lake Havasu Marina! We want to call out boater mizv3322 for this specific positive feedback regarding the marina’s accessibility – something all good marinas should always have top of mind.

Best experience ever! Disabled and the slip at Havasu Marina made my entire trip so much more enjoyable and worry free. The check in is so efficient and staff are so friendly and accommodating.


Reviews don’t need to be glowing, just honest. If your stay was good, great, amazing, then glow away! This one-star rating below gave great context and specifics to warrant their assessment. We’ve redacted the name because 1) this giveaway isn’t meant to shame any particular marinas, and they may need a minute to respond and 2) you will see the review if you visit the marina’s profile – the review itself is not “hidden.”

We have always had a great time visiting [redacted] and utilizing the slips during our transits to the island. Unfortunately, this return trip found our assigned slip next to a group of 30-40 people who were using the slip as a party place to enjoy the water. They didn’t have a boat in the slip and I am not sure how they even got it rented without one. This is not acceptable use of the slip for any guest next to these people as they were loud and consuming lots of alcohol. They had a Beer Pong table up and loud music going on the middle dock and made it difficult to pass. This is unacceptable and to make it worse this is during the Covid-19 pandemic and none of the people were following the state guide line by wearing a mask. This made for a very stressful landing above the normal process of docking a forty foot sailboat. Once docked I immediately called and moved to another slip further away from the party, but there was still the issue of passing the group on the dock. A little later I received a call from the marina office saying I had to move back to the original slip saying they would stop the party, but the party didn’t break up for 4-5 hours later. I was also told that we couldn’t move because it would disrupt other boats from using their assigned slips and that the marina was full up, which ended up not being true. There were 6 open slips where four were the size of slips same as what we required. Very stressful during these times of a world pandemic. We did have a nice stay other than the issue with the people (NOT wearing masks) using the slip for a party and will use the marina in the future, but I would encourage the marina to make sure people follow the rules and respect other guests. We understand this is somewhat of a public marina, but still common courtesy should always be followed.


Boater blindambition’s review of Branford Yacht Club in Branford, CT, had this to say based on their recent reservation:

Jim was very friendly and accommodating, the bathrooms were spotless, and they were taking appropriate COVID-19 measures. Would gladly pickup a dock again.


Boater abain0265’s review of the Tugboat Inn in Boothbay Harbor, Maine – they’re first review!

We stayed at a mooring, there were several to grab, but there were private moorings in the area so you have to watch the way you swing. Both Peters were super friendly and helpful. The showers, heads, and laundry were al super clean, if a little dated. Part of boothbay charm though! The dinghy dock had plenty of room, it was just a little rickety. But I would return! Super close location to town


Two boaters stayed at a a brand-new facility, Ocean Alliance Docks in Gloucester, MA and left two shiny new 4-star reviews!

Not a typical marina as it is operated by a non-profit Ocean Alliance that is dedicated to conservation and research of whales and the ocean. They are very appreciative of having boaters visit their facilities as it helps offset the cost of the improvements that they have made and the on-going improvements to their dock and facility. We enjoyed our stay and meeting Dr. Iain Kerr and some of his fellow researchers. Nick and Robin on M/Y Silver Skye

And we love seeing more action on the West Coast! Congrats to Safe Harbor Capri on their latest slew of 5-star reviews, including this winner from

Very nice modern floating docks, good help from dock master, roomy slips with full length finger piers, etc. easy 20 minutes walk to Target, West, Ace, and food places. Very nice stay.


We’re not going to publicly shame anyone, but this giveaway isn’t limited to 5-stars, so our Sunday winner is the boater who shared this feedback:

Nice location, lousy service. Was totally blown off by employee [redacted]. “Too busy with really important customers” to even let me explain my situation. Really? Very condescending. Also “too busy” to be bothered to take his feet off his desk while chatting w/ the guys not 8 feet away. Not impressed. Took my business elsewhere in the area and was rewarded with great service. Won’t bother with this shop the next time we boat in.

In another part of the world, another less-than-happy captain providing quality detail about their experience:

Email communication pre-arrival was detailed and organized and the reception by the dock master and dock hand was great - we were put in a really nice spot. What was disappointing was the on-land experience. Despite all the emails there was no mention there or on the website that the on site pool was closed for COVID as were the showers. We eventually learned that there were open showers over in [redacted], about an 8 minute walk away, but we discovered this ourselves. We were told that the nearby town pool was available but after walking over learned it’s only for local residents. The facilities overall seemed nice but for what we were paying it was disappointing to not have two of the key amenities we chose for this location unavailable without any advance warning.


Boater davehall001 for his review of Lakefield Public Dock

Come summer, Lakefield Public Dock transforms to Lakefield Marina, with 34 slips, 8 of which are transient. Located just blocks from downtown Lakefield shopping and restaurants are easily walkable. The marina itself offers: - Municipal Water - Clean Showers and Washrooms - 30 and 50 amp Hydro Service - Pump-outs - Snack Bar Cruise north through the lock at Youngs Point (about 30 minutes) for access to Clear Lake, or south through multiple locks to Peterborough (about 4 hours). I have slipped there for the last 2 years and have yet to discover all there is to see. Would rate 5 stars if there was easier access to petrol - there is none at the marina, however there is nearby at Youngs point - just through the lock.

And a solid review in praise not only of Newport’s Cove Moorings, but the marina’s profile transparency:

We stayed here for 2 nights while visiting Newport. The mooring dock Is what was advertised - just that. No amenities, which was fine for us. Easy access and tie-ups. $3 per person for the Launch to Downtown Newport - a bit of a long ride. The Cove Mooring Mgmt was very accommodating when we had to change dates. They were very helpful with providing local info on the Launch, dinghy dock location, restaurants, etc. We would go back.

Marina managers: Claim and update your profile! (It's free!)