Using to Search for Fuel Docks and Fuel Prices

Post written by Olivia Hennedy, published on April 24, 2020
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Now more than ever, boaters are searching for open fuel docks and updated fuel prices. In order to make the search easier, boaters can now also filter by fuel availability on our COVID-19 Status Alert page, which lists marinas that have a partial or complete closures due to COVID-19.

How to Search for Fuel Docks and Prices on

Step 1: Click “Map” on


Step 2: Search a location you are looking to find a fuel dock.


Step 3: Click “Fuel” on the right and select a type of fuel.


For marina operators, updating your fuel prices is a free tool you can access via your marina profile dashboard once you’ve claimed your marina’s profile. If you haven’t already, claim your profile for free and update your fuel information to keep boaters in the loop.

How to Update Your Fuel Prices on

Step 1: Once you’ve claimed your marina’s profile, log in to your account.

Mcom_Blog_ Update_Your_Fuel_Info_  (1).png

Step 2: Search for your Marina’s name, click on your profile, and select “Manage Profile.”

Mcom_Blog_ Update_Your_Fuel_Info_  (3).png

Step 3: Click “Fuel” on the right hand side of your profile.

Mcom_Blog_ Update_Your_Fuel_Info_  (4).png

Step 4: Update your fuel information. Click “Save Changes” and then “View Profile”.

Mcom_Blog_ Update_Your_Fuel_Info_  (5).png

Step 5: Review your now-updated fuel information on the right side of your profile, under the contact info.

Mcom_Blog_ Update_Your_Fuel_Info_  (6).png

And you should be good to go! Questions? Shoot our Support crew at note at [email protected] or call us at 401-236-8304.

Marina managers: Claim and update your profile! (It's free!)