What makes a great marina review?

Post written by Becky at Marinas.com, published on May 14, 2020
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We love sharing reviews of marinas – but what makes a review stand out as trustworthy by your fellow boaters, and seen as legitimate by the marina staff?

This review for the Harborage Yacht Club & Marina, for example, is a solid example – what makes it helpful?


A balanced tone helps prevent a boater from coming off as biased. If you loved your experience, you don’t need to tone it down, per se – genuine enthusiasm is appreciated! But if you seem over the top, there’s a point where it can seem less genuine. Provide some of the points below to help ground your review in reality. And if your review is a rant, it can seem less credible as well – keep expletives out, and keep in mind people are on the other end of what you’re reading.


Marina managers can never know 100% what detail will make a boaters day – so let them know! If the lawn is well-kept, or a broken cleat quickly attended to, that takes effort on the marina’s part and they’ll love to know that their work hasn’t gone unnoticed. And for your fellow boaters, attention to detail in one aspect of the marina can be a signal that the meticulousness applies on a broader scale.

Specificity, like your tone, also adds credibility to your kudos or complaint. “The restrooms were a mess” is vague; “The restrooms had no soap, the hand dryer was broken, and the shower was clogged” calls our specific, actionable issues that the marina can resolve.


Not all boaters have the same expectations: if you’re just trying to get from Point A to Point B and the marina had a great response time, the restaurant stayed open late for you when you got delayed underway, and the dock staff helped you fuel up at 6am, that’s a very helpful way to describe your 5-stars. It’s also very different – not better, just different – than if you’re a couple that cruising and looking to enjoy poolside daiquiris and live music, and the marina provides neither. Provide context for your stay to help marinas know how to appeal to more boating styles, and help boaters steer toward the things that appeal to them.


Marinas know the feeling: a review comes through with 1-star, seemingly hating everything about them, and then the boater returns the next weekend. What gives? Whether one-star, five, or in between, indicating to fellow boaters that you will or won’t be returning – and what your dealbreaker is, if you have one – helps relay the immediacy of the issue.

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