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Post written by Becky at, published on May 13, 2020
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Don’t let finding dockage, storage, or a mooring for your boat be a summer showstopper. Get some irons in the fire in minutes by messaging multiple marinas all from one central website.

Inquiring about dockage is easy! When you see the light blue “Contact Marina” button on a marina profile, click on it to send the marina a message that you’re interested in learning about their slip/mooring availability, and any other questions you may have.


Some additional tips about marina inquiries:

  • View all the marinas in a harbor by toggling the menu bar on the right of the search map – turn off all markers except Marina to see more marinas in any given area.

  • Having the conversation in writing also helps keep it one place, so that you don’t lose your notes or end up with conflicting information from two different employees within a marina.

  • Create a List in for marinas you’ve reached out to, and one for marinas that you plan to if you don’t hear back from your first choices. You can easily move marinas from one List to another, and add notes to your marina cards.

  • Not all marina response times are created equal! doesn’t manage the marinas themselves – if we did you’d get a response back in seconds. :) Especially with our current circumstances being what they are, marinas may be shorter staffed or closed completely. Give the marina a day or two to respond.

  • Always be looking. It’s good to keep your options open! As marinas’ staff, facilities, and residents change over time, you never know when a new marina may feel like your new home on the water. Feel free to inquire and note that you’re browsing so as to set expectations and let the marina know to put its best foot forward.

  • To inquire about a transient reservation, use the red Request Reservation button on each marina profile. If a marina uses Dockwa to manage their reservations, clicking this button will bring you to their Dockwa profile to continue booking. If not, a form will pop up – fill that out, and you’ll be on your way.

Marina managers: Claim and update your profile! (It's free!)