New: Marina Status Alerts

Post written by Becky at, published on April 14, 2020

Thousands of boaters browse each day in search of transient dockage, fuel, and long-term slips. Now marinas can add an Alert to their marina profile and update it any time with just a few clicks.

This week, rolled out Marina Status Alerts: a new tool for marinas and boaters to communicate more efficiently in any emergency situation that may require a full or partial closure.

This tool is particularly relevant due to the coronavirus outbreak and hurricane season, however the team will enable the Alerts tool anytime marinas are impacted by regional events that could force closures. Active Alerts will appear in the top banner across’s homepage, and when a marina has updated its Alert status – be it Open, Closed, or Partial Closure – that status and detail provided will appear on the marina profile as well as in this centralized Alerts page.


Adding an Alert to a Profile

Marina teams can update their marina’s Alert status in seconds.

  1. Log into your account – if you need help claiming your profile or logging in, contact our Support team at [email protected] or 401-236-8304.

  2. Go to your marina’s profile, and click “Manage Profile” to go to your profile dashboard.

  3. When an Alert is active, it will appear in the left-hand column of your profile dashboard. Click on that Alert.

  4. At the bottom of this Alert management page, you’ll see the option to choose your Status, and provide details. Choose your status and add any additional information that will help boaters understand the degree to which your marina can accommodate their needs.

  5. Save your status – you’re done! For now, that is: if your status changes or once your marina is back up and running, come back to this page to update as often as you need.

How Boaters can Add Alerts

The boating community is a tight-knit one, and we all rely on the eyes and ears on the water whenever we have them. If you have an update that a marina has not been able to provide us, please shoot a quick email Support – [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) – and we will add the Alert for you, noting that the Alert is community-sourced, and will attempt to confirm with the marina directly.

Stay Tuned for Updates

We’ll be updating this tool to include more filters and search options, and a few other bells and whistles. Keep refreshing, and feel free to give us feedback at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

Stay safe out there.

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